How to Choose the Best Walker for Your Patient

How to Choose the Best Walker for Your Patient

If you have a patient who needs assistance when they’re walking, a U Step 2 walker can help improve their mobility. Well, using a walker does not mean that your patient will not be able to walk again. It can only serve as a way to help them get their mobility back.

The condition of every patient is unique, which is why there are tons of different walkers on the market. If you’re having a hard time choosing In-Step mobility products, we’ve got a few simple tips to help you find the right one.


Choosing a U Step 2 Walker

1. Different Types of Walker

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There are different brands of walkers and there are also different types. You need to figure out the type of walker that a patient needs before you give any recommendations to them. Let’s find out about the different types of walkers and how they can help you.

  • Front-Wheeled Walkers: This type of walker has two wheels at the front and there are legs located at the back. This type of walker doesn’t usually have breaks because the legs at the back will serve as a stopper. It will hold the walker in place when not in use. These walkers are great because they offer good stability and you can move them around your house with ease.

  • Four-Wheeled Walkers: Compared to front-wheeled walkers, this type of walker comes with hand brakes and a seat if you want to rest. Since it doesn’t have a stopper, you need to use the brakes so the walker won’t move out of your will. They are usually bulkier than front-wheeled walkers, but they are perfect for uneven surfaces.

  • Upright Walkers: This type of walker supports your body under your forearms. Aside from assisting you in walking, this walker can also help align your posture. As for this kind of walker, it can have two or four wheels and you can choose whatever you want. The only issue is that they are usually heavy and difficult to turn, which also makes them harder to transport.

  • Three-wheel Walker: This walker provides the same balance and support as a four-wheel model, but it is lighter and it’s easy to maneuver. Take note that if you want a walker that you can bring anywhere, this is a perfect choice since it can be folded easily.

  • Knee Walker: This kind of walker is the same as a foot-propelled scooter. However, it is a platform where you can rest your knee.

2. Pick the Right Grip

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If you’re going to buy a U Step walker 2, make sure that you check the grip. By choosing the right grip, you can relieve the stress on your joints and it will prevent deformities as well. You need to make sure that the grip will help keep your balance and that it won’t slip while you are using the walker.

Most walkers come with a plastic grip, but there are other options available. You can opt for foam grips or soft grip covers. This is perfect if your hands become sweaty after some time. If you’re having a hard time grasping it with your finger, you can get a larger grip.

3. Fit the Walker

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You can’t just buy a U Step 2 walker for your patient. You need to check if the walker fits their arms comfortably. It’s not as easy as trying the walker. There are a few things that you need to do to make sure that it fits the patient perfectly.

  • Checking the Elbow Bend: You have to keep your shoulders relaxed because this will determine the height of the walker. Place your hands on the grip while making sure that your shoulders are not stiff. Try to bend your elbows. It should bend at a comfortable angle of 15 degrees.

  • Checking the wrist height: Go inside the walker and stand. Relax your arms at the sides and check the top of the walker grip. It should line up perfectly with the crease on your wrist.

4. Try the Walker First

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The most important part of buying a walker is to try it out. Yes, you can buy them on the Internet, but it’s better to check them out in person before you order them online.

By trying out the walker, you will know if it feels good to use or not. Sometimes, choosing a walker can be based on how you use it. Push the walker as you move and make sure that walk one step at a time. Always keep your back upright and do not hunch on the walker.

Try it out for a few minutes before you decide.

5. Walker Accessories

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When choosing a walker, you need to find the right accessories as well. There are certain features that will make your life easier. It’s best to check them out so you would know the things that you want from a walker.

  • There are walkers that can be folded for easy storage and transport. This is a very common feature that most walkers have so you can expect the modern models to have this specific option.

  • Some walkers also have hand brakes, especially the ones with wheels. As you all know, walkers with wheels should always have a brake and hand brakes are extremely important for safety reasons.

  • You can find walkers with trays. This will allow you to carry food and drinks to a table if you want. This is a good way to make you more independent and not rely on someone for help.

  • You can also find a walker with a pouch attached to the side. It will serve as a bag if you want to carry books, magazines, and other small items with you.

  • Get a walker with a seat as it allows people with limited endurance to rest for a while even if they are in the middle of walking.

  • If you love shopping, you can always get a walker with a basket as it would make it easier for you to carry items.


The Benefits of Using a Walker

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Most of you are probably wondering why some people require a walker. There are other ways to go around and it is more convenient to have someone assist you instead of walking on your own. Well, not everyone wants to be a burden, and using a U Step 2 walker can give them the independence that they want.

Here are some of the different benefits that you can get from using a walker.

1. Move Safely

For people who have problems with mobility, have you ever tried to move around without any support? From this, you will realize that it takes a lot of effort and energy to move from one place to another without help. The chances of falling down and hurting yourself are also high since no one or nothing is supporting you.

With a walker, you can move and walk anywhere you want without worrying about falling down. Whether you want to walk around the house or check out the neighborhood, a walker can provide more stability and will keep you safe. As long as you are using a walker, you won’t have to worry about your safety.

2. Longer Walks

One of the perks of using a walker is you can have long walks in your neighborhood without getting tired easily. A walker supports your body and will reduce weight bearing, allowing you to walk longer distances and for a longer period of time.

You don’t spend too much energy moving around because the walker will help you move around with ease. This will also help you stay active and mobile, especially if you are still in rehab. Getting your mobility back would be faster if you can walk longer.

3. You Can Rest Anytime

With a walker, you can stop and rest anytime you want. You can just walk to a nearby bench and you can get off your walker and sit there for a while. There are also walkers with built-in seats so you can rest and seat anywhere you want.

4. Extra Support

A lot of people have been using a walker as a form of precaution. Although they can already move around, they are still using it as extra support to prevent any accidents. If they are not yet confident in moving around without help, using a walker can improve their confidence.

5. Less Stress on your Body

The support and ability to bear the weight that walkers provide will place less stress on your body. This is extremely beneficial as it would allow the patient to heal and recover mobility faster. Whether using a walker is a permanent or temporary setup, using it can improve your condition.

With the help of a walker, you can have more stamina and you can keep your energy levers higher. This will also allow you to move around the whole day without putting a lot of pressure on your muscles.



If you are having trouble with your mobility or need some help when walking around, getting a U Step 2 walker would be the best decision that you will make in your life. Remember that using a walker will not make you feel helpless. This is the key to a more independent life, especially if you don’t want to put a burden on your family.

If you are looking for top-quality walkers for your patients, we’ve got a wide range of models that you can choose from. Take your time and find a good walker that would help support your mobility for a more carefree life.